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Modern and traditional arts and crafts produced by designers and local artisans committed to environmental conservation and social equality.



At ORIGENS we not only wish to be a shop, we also want to create an area of recognition for the local artisans and designers. For those who, with their work, are contributing to the recovery of artisan crafts that have been practically forgotten, such as basket makers, weavers, glass artists, blacksmiths, furriers, wax-workers, soap-makers,… For those who are, at the same time, concerned with the conservation of the natural and social environment that surrounds us.

  • Local product

    At ORIGENS we only sell local products, since we understand that this is the only way to be sure that the production has been developed in a responsible way with the social environment, in other words, that the employees involved throughout the entire production process have worked under fair working conditions.

  • Upcycling

    At ORIGENS we want to emphasize the importance of reuse and recycling. That is why we sell a lot of products made from material that comes from this area. We have bags made with pneumatics, safety belts or advertising banners, as well as lamps made with glass or cardboard. Eveything made with recycled material.

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  • Eco-design

    At ORIGENS we believe that ecology plays a vital role in the world today and that eco-design is the key link towards sustainability and responsible consumption. Therefore we only sell products that have been designed with a sustainable production in mind.

  • Against planned obsolescence

    At ORIGENS we are committed to responsible consumption. The pieces that we sell are made with both the best materials and the best techniques to make them last for many years. We believe that selling quality pieces is the way to avoid excessive and unconscious consumption, as it only contributes to a waste of resources and an unnecessary excess of waste. Reducing consumption and resources is necessary and inevitable to avoid overexploitation of the planet.